6 Most Horrible Food Dishes in the World

Call it culture clash or intolerance, but these are food that you would not believe people would put into their mouths, let alone eat it.

But some people do.

And we tell you, it is just plain horrible!

Odori don.

Odori don is very sought-after in Korea and Japan. It’s basically a seafood dish that includes rice, salmon roe and fresh squid or cuttlefish. The squid’s head is severed from the body and the brain is chopped off, and then placed on your bowl tentacles first.



If the thought of eating raw squid does not turn you off, well maybe you should try to pour soy sauce or salt on the squid head before eating it. It will come back to life as it wiggles out of the bowl.



Sourtoe cocktail.

While technically not a dish, it still ranks high on the list of disgusting things that you should not put into your mouth, but we still dare you to do it. The sourtoe cocktail gets its name from its main ingredient: a severed human toe. The toe is places in a glass of any alcoholic drink, and you would have to drink it and have the toe touch your lips before you are done with it.

But no swallowing the toe, for two reasons. One is that you could easily choke on it and two toes are not exactly easy to come by.



Fruit bat soup.

In Guam, you can have a tasty bowl of fruit bat soup. You boil vegetables in coconut milk or just water and then put in the entire fruit bat into the soup. Sure beats having a fly in your soup, huh?

Fruit  Bat Soup Pic


Sheeps head.

There are many countries in Europe and the Mediterranean where they eat sheep’s head. You can actually sit at the dinner table with a dead sheep staring down at you. But you get to win the staring contest because in a matter of minutes you would be eating the head. The tongue and the eyeballs are especially yummy.



Braised dog.

Even if you do not have issues with eating man’s best friend, there is something wrong with the way some cooks prepare it. In China, cooks like to beat the dog while it is still alive because of the “added flavour” that the adrenaline gives the meat. And some people say that beating the dog before killing it gives the eater more virility and strength.




Kiviaq is a bunch of rotten birds that have spent the past seven months inside a dead seal. What’s worse is not that you’re eating dead rotten birds, but that you do not even cook it. You take it out of the seal skin where it has been rotting. So if you are visiting Greenland in the winter and you were invited for a wedding or birthday party, those tasty birds might not be what you took it to be.



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