Bizarre Bars of The World

Geiger Bar Bars and clubs have plenty to tell about a city’s nightlife. An active and vibrant nightlife means more tourists for the city. And for places where there are plenty of bars, competition can be tough. That is why some bars take their creativity up a notch and come up with unique gimmicks. Sometimes, though, these gimmicks border on the weird and the bizarre.

Tractor bars. Zetors Bar in Helsinki, Finland, for one, allows you to get up close and personal with tractors. The whole bar is decorated with tractors and you get to sit on a can of milk. But more than the decors, you will surely love how you can let your hair hang loose here. In fact, you can drink while being suspended from the ceiling.

Skeletons everywhere! Nothing sets creepiness more than skeletons, so be sure to visit the HR Giger Bar. Designed by Hans Rudi Giger, the bar looks like it was built with skeletons. You get vertebrae arches that go around the ceiling of an old castle. Sip your cocktail while feeling like you are Jonah inside the whale, only that the whale is fossilized. You might also feel like being served by an alien. Not really surprising because Giger was a designer for the Alien movie franchise.


Geiger bar 2



Drink inside a coffin? If skeletons are not creepy enough for you, why not go to Eternity Bar in Ukraine? The entire bar is shaped like a coffin, decorations remind you of a funeral, and tables are separated by coffins. Everything about the place is quite macabre, but it is not the only place that reminds you of death. There is also the Le Cercueil in Brussels, where you drink right off a skull. There’s a coffin inside too, and skeletons are posed to serve as funny yet macabre decoration.



Pstttt… Buck & Breck in Berlin, Germany is one of the best bars in the city. It is quite difficult to find on a busy night and you will also have to wait because there are only 14 seats around the bar and things could get a little too crowded. There are no signs as well, and the door looks like it is the entrance to a gallery or a private flat. But if you are willing to wait, you would taste some of the best drinks here.

Is that all you got? What’s a bar gonna be if you cannot let off some steam? At Casa Pocho, they take things a little too far. With the times being difficult in Spain, they came up with a way to reward the recession-weary patrons: a good insult earns them free beer and tapas. Yup, you basically get your tired, sorry ass up to the bar and insult the bartender in the most creative and original way you can and you might win a free beer. Not only does this help get people into the door, but it also helps them blow the stress away.

t is all friendly, of course, and it is for a good cause. The bar’s co-owner says that he invites customers to take it out on him rather than go home and have an argument with their spouses.



Which way is up? Want to impress your friends on Facebook? How about showing them a photo of you drinking upside down? Madame Claude in Berlin is located inside a former brothel, but that is not the most significant thing about the place. Here you have chairs, furniture and other stuff hanging upside-down from the ceiling and even walls, giving the illusion that you are drinking up in the air.





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