Bog Snorkelling in Wales – Explained

Bog Snorkelling


Once upon a time in Wales a few lads were having a lager and obviously while half tanked up devised an idea for a bog snorkelling event. As wise people know some of the finest ideas hatched on the planet are devised over a few pints, the trick is to write them down on a beer mat and if the aforementioned beer mat is still with you the next morning, with your business plan attached you may be onto something if the idea still excites you.

Allegedly this was how Nokia was formed, a few drinks in a sauna and a fella woke up with his arse marked with some water proof marker and a drawing of a brick resembling a portable phone.

Anyways, back to bog snorkelling.

A few lads devised this idea to enable themselves to be covered in bog shite, sludge and water creatures while dragging themselves to victory through a bog. Sounds reasonable.

The History:-

Bog Snorkelling was kicked off in 1976 near Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales in the UK. It consists of competitors snorkelling 2 lengths of a water chopped out trench in a peat bog as fast as your bog snorkells can carry you. Sounds simple doesn’t it! The length of the bog pool is 60 yards and you have to complete 2 runs in this sludge covered pool of doom. Keep in mind as well its always raining in Wales.


Of course there are rules. You are not allowed to use normal swimming strokes. You must wear snorkels and flippers and wet suits are optional. Im sure back in the day wet suits were not even considered.


Bog Snorkelling has developed into a cult type sport attracting many people from all over the world. The first bog snorkelling championship was held in 1985 and fair play to the lads from the pub, they kept it going from 1976 to 1985 until it became a legend sport keeping it up there with such other sports as wife carrying. It takes place every august Bank holiday weekend. The event attracts 100’s of competitors every yar and has even been sponsored by PaddyPower in previous years. So if your bored to death and fancy snorkelling in a bog in wales, you know where to head the August Bank holiday weekend. You may even win a medal but one thing is for sure, you will have something to tell the lads in the pub when you get home!


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