Cuddle Cafes in Tokyo

You have to hand it to the Japanese. From wearable tissue paper dispensers to umbrellas that keep you dry all over by covering your head to toe with plastic, to eyeglasses that ensure you never waste an eye drop medication, they have indeed come up with insane ideas over the years to help solve everyday problems. But what about insomnia and loneliness?

They have a solution for that as well. If you are having a difficult time going to sleep because you do not like having an empty space on your bed, then go to a cuddle cafe.





The concept is simple: For about $80 an hour, you get to sleep with a beautiful girl in a cuddle cafe. No hanky panky as all you get to do is cuddle and sleep. You could sleep beside the girl or perhaps sleep on her lap. It is all up to you. For a little extra, you could get a relaxing foot massage so that you could sleep quicker and better. If you have a tight budget, you could opt to sleep in a girl’s arm or she just pats your back for three minutes, each costing you around $13.

So now you know where to go the next time you find yourself tossing and turning on your bed thinking thoughts like this:



You can now just erase those murderous thoughts or schadenfreude out of your head and just go to a cuddle cafe and get a much needed… well, rest.

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