Drinks That Will Mess Up Your Mind

1. Naga Chilli Vodka

Naga Chilli Vodka is NOT, we repeat NOT, for the faint of heart. The 40% alcohol in this drink is made even more lethal by the addition of chili peppers. This drink burns, literally. One clue that this drink will get you into trouble is the list of warnings that go with it, including not holding the retailer or manufacturer liable for any injury or damage that you get when you drink it.



2. Baby Mouse Wine

But then again, at least chili is edible, right? If you love spicy food, then you could certainly deal with the heat and the sting. Compared to the baby mice, though, chili should be nothing. You have read that right. Baby. MOUSE.

The concept for Baby Mouse Wine is simple. You get baby mice, less than three days old and drown them in a bottle of wine. Ferment that for a year and voila! Plus, it is said that baby mouse wine can help you treat a number of diseases, including liver illness and asthma.



We’re sure you find this unbelievable so here’s another proof that it exists:



3. The Waterfall

The waterfall involves a tower of glasses and four different alcoholic drinks: Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Blue Curacao, and Sambuca. You are supposed to drink from the lowest glass with a straw while the whole tower is lit.





That looks like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? Just make sure you don’t topple the tower over or you might need a drastic haircut when your hair burns.



4. Infected Whitehead

The name alone should discourage you. But if you are curious, here is what it looks like.


It doesn’t help that it is made out of cottage cheese, and we all know how explosive it could get when you mix cheese and alcohol.

5. The Squirrel Beer

How about a drink that is made up of 55% alcohol and you pour it out of a bottle that has been stuffed into a dead squirrel. Right? We are sure you’d love that too. If you have $800, then you can buy the End of History. It is pretty hard to miss in the liquor store, but just in case you have problems, this is how it looks like:



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