Dwarf Throwing in Australia

In season 1 of the wildly popular Game of Thrones, we are sure that more than a few of you have been itching to do something awful and painful to Peter Dinklage’s character, the dwarf Tyrion Lannister. This would have felt deeply satisfying for you.

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You should have tried dwarf throwing in Australia.

Yes, dwarf throwing.


The practice, or some call it a sport and even art, started in the Land Down Under in the 1980s. Yeah, the idea is to lure people in with cheap beer, rowdy crowds and a chance to fling a dwarf and win a prize. The idea is that you compete with others to be the one who throws a midget farthest.

It is all in fun, of course. The dwarves that you throw are generally well padded by protective clothing from head to toe. They usually wear helmets, cushioned clothes, arm pads, elbow pads and knee pads. Plus you throw them down mattresses. Or across them. Just pray that you don’t miss.

In any case, for all those who are staring at this article in horror, here’s a consolation for you. The dwarves actually earn a lot of money from this practice. For the experience of being thrown, sometimes across the room, they could easily earn a six-figure sum if they are on tour. Yes, they get to travel, enjoy the beer and experience flying across rooms and get paid for all of that.

And yeah, they do have championships for this as well, proving once and for all that midget throwing is a sport.






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