Four Weird Things You Could Only Do in Thailand

Think about Thailand and you would surely imagine pristine beaches, crazy Bangkok streets, and a lot of the exotic factor. But you can also expect the unique and the extraordinary when you visit Thailand. In fact, there are four things that you could only do here.

Shoot everyone with water. During the Songkran Festival, you can walk down the streets and shoot anyone and everyone you meet with water. This is a fun way to do a drive by shooting if that is your cup of tea. Nobody is spared, especially at night on Bangla Road. You see children, grown-ups, cops, older people and even monks all drenched!



Check out the wooden dildos at the Bangkok Phallic Shrine. There is little else to be said at a temple where you find stone sculptures and wood carvings of penises being offered to a fertility goddess. Take a look at the fake penises and you will find yourself blushing.



Check out more wooden dildos at Phra Nang Cave. Thailand has another shrine that is filled with fake phalluses, but instead of being in the middle of busy Bangkok, you would be going to Railay Beach. This time, the phalluses, big and small, are placed inside — wait for it — a cave.



Sexual imagery aside, you would love the beautiful scenery here; it’s like a combination of nature and sex on a trip.


Try bathing with jellyfish. There are some restaurants in Thailand that serve jellyfish, so fishermen at Haad Pak Phra Beach spend all day cleaning them. They dip into pools of water with all the jellyfish they have to clean. If you can stand the smell and do not mind the sting (sting and stink, get it?), you might want to ask the fishermen to allow you in the pool and have a dip.



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