Glamping – What is it?

glampingIf you are an avid traveler, chances are you have seen it all. Shabby motel rooms, luxurious suites, log cabins, and just about everything. If you are one of the lucky ones who could sleep on a rock, then it does not really matter to you where you end up spending the night. But if you are picky, then we are sure you would avoid camping like a plague and instead go on trips where you are sure to have comfort and luxury, or at least a soft bed and four walls to keep you warm and cozy.


For decades, guys who have finicky girlfriends have preferred to go camping alone. If they travel with their girlfriend, camping is usually off the table. Some guys make the mistake of taking their girlfriends and wives on camping trips only to break up when the trip ends. Who could stand incessant whining about bugs, dirt and all that?

If you love the outdoors but prefer warm and comfortable rooms, you really do not have to torture yourself trying to choose one over the other. You can go glamping instead!


Nope, it is not another ridiculous dance move that involves Miley Cyrus. Glamping is actually a mash up of two words: glamour and camping. And that is just what it is, glamourous camping. So instead of spending the night listening to complaints about wild animals, bugs, leaking tents, storms, bad food, too much cold, or sleeping bags that smell, you can just go glamping.

Glamping involves attractive and spacious tents. These tents are typically huge, and they usually have electrical power. You can work on your laptop, charge your smartphone and even get on Facebook to upload your travel photos. You can even get a mattress into these tents and enjoy a good night’s rest.

Glamping also involves delicious food served on outdoor tables with full table settings. And you can sit on chairs, too. No more looking for tree stumps, rocks, and other things to lounge on. The food is provided by your outfitter and you do not have to worry about catching fish or relying on canned beans.

And while you enjoy these luxuries, other aspects of camping stay the same. You will still be out in the great outdoors, you can hike if you want, or go on a safari, go down the river on a raft. But after these activities, you will still be able to enjoy the comforts of glamping. You will have luxurious and comfortable transportation to take you to the site. You will also have guides to take you around, and you will have people on site who will be preparing and serving you your meals and washing your cloths and you get to enjoy other amenities. What’s more, there’s no chance of you getting lost!

Where can you go glamping? Upscale resorts, modern campsites and other places offer glamping experiences for you. In fact, we can come up with a list of places where you can go on a glamourous camping trip for as low as 25 euros a night to less than 100 euros a night. And there are glamping services in the middle of state forests, on lake shores and even during sports events and music concerts.

For example, Turkey has Avalon Steppes, Portugal has Bouca da Regada, France has Chalets du Moulin, Ireland has Chleire Haven while Slovenia has Garden Village Bled.

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