Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular attractions in Iceland. It is located in Grindavík near a lava field and is less than an hour’s drive from the capital Reykjavik.


Bathing in the Blue Lagoon is a unique experience for a lot of people. The water comes from the Svartsengi, a geothermal plant. The lagoon is artificial and man-made and the water is replenished after two days. This ensures that the water is clean for bathing. On top of always renewing the water in the lagoon, everyone is required to shower first before they dip in.


The water in the Blue Lagoon is rich in sulphur, silica and other minerals. It is said that it can help cure a variety of skin diseases, and has proven beneficial to people with psoriasis. On top of that, the water is quite warm, ranging from 37 to 3 degrees Celsius on the average.


It is like giving yourself a spa treatment. Apart from the refreshing warm waters, you can also get some of the silica mud and apply it on your face. There is also blue algae there that help you exfoliate and clean your skin.


In any case, bathing in the Blue Lagoon is a chance for you to take a dip into clean waters enjoy a great view. It is never lonely here as there are always a throng of people who want to experience the spa-like atmosphere that it offers. However, it is also never crowded.

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