Irish sayings you won’t hear anywhere else!

It’ll be grand…”

Used frequently when referring to anything from predicting the weather, the outcome of a football match or whether you’ll make the plane when stuck in heavy traffic. Generally a statement more of hope than genuine expectation.

Any craic?”

No, you’re not being asked if you have any class-A drugs on you, it’s an Irish way of asking if there is any fun to be had. There are no limites as to what this ‘fun’ might entail.


Sure look it…”

Generally used by someone as a default response to any question, or when they’re making idle conversation-which is a national pastime. “Ah sure look it, there’s a grand stretch in the evenings.”


Where is the jacks?”

You have just been asked where the toilet is. Yes, it is odd. But given the fact that citizens of the world’s most powerful nation routinely ask ‘where is the john?’ than ‘jacks’ isn’t really any more or less odd!


Was it any use at all?”

Another very handy catch all phrase which can be posed as a question referring to the quality of a movie you’ve just seen, a gig you’ve been to, a meal you’ve eaten or even the sex you’ve just had.


I’m wrecked”

Generally uttered the morning after the night before, indicating consumption of vast amounts of booze and very little sleep. Uttered by most Irish on most Monday mornings.



A more extreme form of wrecked, possibility indicating consumption of life threatening amounts of alcohol and mind altering substances.


Where’s me jumper?”

The person stating this is likely ‘bollixed’ or ‘wrecked’ and has just returned to the pub he left early that morning and is looking for an item of clothing more commonly referred to as a sweater or pullover elsewhere in the world. If he finds this jumper it will likely be soaked in stale Guinness.

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