Love Hotels in Japan

love hotels japanYou really have to hand it to the Japanese. When they really put their heart into it, they can come up with some of the most creative stuff you can find. But make no mistake about it, the Japanese are not all robotics and electronics. Turns out they have a romantic side as well.

One proof is the number of love hotels in Japan that lovers can check out. These are not your seedy Western motels, and they are not the usual dark and dingy hotels. Instead, these Japanese love hotels are very fashionable and one-of-a-kind. Perfect for spending time with a loved one, or just to have an experience you would love talking about when you get home.

You have to understand that most people in Japan live with their parents until they get married, some even stay with their parents after they get married. So couples will be hard-pressed to have some private time, if you know what we mean. And love hotels give you just that. These establishments allow you to get hours of privacy. But because the Japanese are inherently competitive and creative, these love hotels have started to decorate their rooms with crazy themes to help get you in the mood, to differentiate themselves from the competition, and to help bring your wildest fantasies to life.

The result? These wacky, unique, and sometimes creepy love hotels:

1. The merry go round.

Nothing quite gets you in the mood better than remembering your childhood? Just think of the things you can do with this two-person carousel inside a love hotel in Japan!

the merry go round

2. The “baby, am I gonna get you wet”!

Bet this was not what you had in mind when you heard that:

baby im gonna get you wet

3. The sexy librarian.

If, as a kid, you always had a crush on that cute, overly strict librarian who always had her hair in a bun, then you would love this love hotel room.

the librarian

4. The art museum.

Japanese sensual art sometimes border on the pornographic. That is good, especially if these are adorning the walls of a love hotel. Mind you, these artworks come from master painters of centuries ago. Besides, it would be a good source of inspiration and it could give beginners some tips. Bonus points for those orange coloured ropes that you can find on the ceiling, which would be perfect for a swinging good time.

art museum

5. The X.

Some love hotels make it more romantic for couples. Other love hotels make it easier for you to carry out your fantasies. Now, for the latter, we think that this love hotel room takes the cake: the X.

the x

6. At the disco.

For those who were born after 1990, you might never experience dancing at the disco while being pumped up by psychedelics. But you could get the next best thing at this love hotel in Japan:

disco love hotel

7. The reverse glamping.

You might have heard of glamping, or glamourous camping. Until now, glamping involves having all the amenities of a hotel stay taken out in the outdoors, which means that you are in the forest, the lakeside or the mountains, but you have a full service butler or a king-sized bed to sleep in.

So how about bringing the outdoors inside your love hotel room? This is what the reverse glamping room does:

reverse glamping

8. The Ariel.

If you have always wanted to do it underwater but you do not have the lung power for it, then you simply must visit the Ariel:

underwater love hotel

9. The Hansel and Gretel

Yes, we like our fairy tale characters. But nothing is more fitting for this room than the name “The Hansel and Gretel.” Why? Take a look!

hansel and gretel

10. The subway

Another way to live out your fantasies. We know that you want it.

the subway

These are just the top love hotels that you simply must try. And with the Japanese being Japanese, we are sure that there will be more of these very creative and extra-ordinary rooms as new love hotels open and older ones renovate.

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