Monkey Waiters in Japan – Kayabukiya Tavern

Monkey Waiters – Kayabukiya Tavern – Utsunomiya, Japan

monkey waiter japanStaff are generally hard to find these days in most countries for one reason or another, so why not hire a team of screaming monkeys to serve your customers in true Japanese style. This is exactly what the Kayabukiya Tavern did in the city of Utsonomiya north of Tokyo.


The owner happened to own 2 macaque monkeys which are currently employed to work at the venue. One of the monkeys the most senior of the team, usually decked out in a shirt and shorts take the drinks orders and delivers the drinks to the table, while the younger apprentice brings hot towels to the customers to wash their hands before ordering drinks.

Otsuka states the most senior of the team learned by watching him serving customers over the years and eventually fell into the role, by accident.

The 2 cheeky fella’s receive boiled soya beans from the clients as tips for their excellent entertainment and service. Due to Japanese animal health regulations they are only allowed to work 2 hours per day.


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