Top Restaurants in London you should not miss!

Circus----restaurant-revi-007London is a big city with more than 15,000 restaurants and this is but a mere snapshot of places to nibble, some quirky, some amazing but all damn good. This is not a top 10 list of London restaurants because quite frankly this is not possible, in a city with such diverse dining culture. So don’t bother even commenting this or that restaurant did not make it to this list as we simply are not interested! Refer to the 15,000 restaurant statement at the top! Read on…

Patty & Bun – Burgers

The burger culture in London has exploded in the last few years and is quickly catching up with more burger focused countries, but non take their burgers as seriously as Patty & Bun in London. They have expanded in recent times and their burgers are fucking awesome! The lines outside the door should be proof enough. The menu is small, compact and damn tasty! Check out the “Smokey Robinson” burger, you may want to try another one immediately afterwards. Try and get their at non rush hour times as you will be guaranteed to wait in a queue. It is worth it.

Patty and Bun


Fang Shang Princess – Chinese

The Fang Shang Princess is a beautiful floating Chinese restaurant set in London Regents Park, Cumberland Basin. For a truly unique experience and some top notch Chinese food, make sure and visit on your trip to London. The boat is nestled among some of the canal boats in London, the food is tasty, and slightly more expensive than your average Chinese restaurant but obviously, you will pay a bit more for the whole experience. Overall a very pleasurable dining experience and the staff are very attentive and friendly.

Feng Shang


The Breakfast Club – Breakfast/Brunch

The Breakfast Club, where to start about this one. Once you have had breakfast here, it is really hard to go back to other venues for that morning fry up. I am sure they sprinkle some secret designer drug over their breakfasts which makes people come back time and time again. If a british fry up is not the ideal tart to your day if your more of a health freak, then they got plenty other arty farty options for you… but while in London for fucks sake, at least try it once. It wont kill you! You can go back to eating nuts and shit the day after. These guys also have plenty other options on the menu from sandwiches, burgers to comfort food. Be prepared to queue as well as its normally packed.

breakfast club


Hawksmoor Spitalfields – Seven Dials – Steaks

Hawksmoor has firmly established itself as a great steakhouse in London with several locations dotted around London, one of the most convenient locations located close to the Covent Garden

tube station for that discerning tourist who may want to wander around in a tourist trap area, and also grab some decent food. They have a great variety of steaks and also offer a solid breakfast menu. On Sundays a traditional roast is offered, which is one of the best in London, not the cheapest but quality is quality. They also offer an express menu before 6.30 pm, but like most places that offer deals the staff tend to look down their noses at people availing of these special offers. Well worth a visit for some quality steak. Non meat eaters, avoid, avoid and avoid.

hawksmoor steak


The Ledbury – Michelin Star

he Ledbury is one of the top rated restaurants in London and holds 2 Michelin stars and is well deserved of these stars. The food of course is cooked to perfection and it is located in the fabulous Notting Hill, and the kitchen is under the watchful eye of Brett Graham. You can expect incredible service and perfection to the highest degree. The Ledbury has an extensive wine list and they also offer a set lunch menu as most Michelin Star restaurants, ranging from 45 pounds per person. It is well worth the trip up here to sample this amazing restaurant.

the ledbury


Afghan Kitchen – Afghan

The Afghan Kitchen is one of those places with a small number of seats, the service is not amazing but people tend to keep returning, time and time again. People are cramped into a small space, they tend to run out of certain dishes but the place is always packed! Try the yoghurt chicken and their bread and you will be begging for more. The food is tasty, spicy and authentic. Do not miss this place if you are in the Islington area.

afghan Kitchen


Circus – Pan Asian

There are only a few cities on the planet where you could have a restaurant, where you can have circus performers dangling from precarious perches while you nibble on Asian cuisine and luckily London is one of them! The place is designed like a medieval banquet from cyber space. The venue is split into 3 rooms for restaurant, lounge and bar. The main dining area has a large stage table where the nightly acts propel themselves amongst the diners. The menu is simple, divine and caters to everyones taste.

circus london


Bunga Bunga – Pizza/Italian

Bunga Bunga describes itself as an Englishman’s Italian with bar, pizza and Karaoke. This is a theme restaurant with flair, noise and a certain element of tacky-ness! It still is worth a visit if you fancy a boisterous night in London town. The customer service can be a bit hit and miss sometimes but drop along, enjoy yourself and take in the atmosphere and eat some good pizza and down some cocktails.

bunga bunga


Bubble Dogs – Hot Dogs / Champagne

Bubble dogs arrived onto the scene in Fitzrovia less than 2 years ago and it has made a bit of a splash since its arrival. Its different, its quirky and only in London can you nibble some gourmet hotdogs and wash it down with champagne or “shampoo” as the drink is locally know. They menu is simple offering a variety of hotdogs with sides and a range of grower champagnes. The hot dogs are tasty and you have some classics such as the BLT, the New Yorker or the Horny Dog. It is a fun venue with a good buzz and the unusual mix seems to work for these guys. Get down and check it out!

bubble dogs


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