Run of the Bulls in Spain – But Make Sure You Don’t Get Your Balls Gouged

CNN has named Spain’s Running of the Bulls as one of the 50 ways to be a daredevil. It ranks up there with the cage of death in Australia, where you are trapped in a see-through cage with alligators just outside, with the volcano boarding in Nicaragua, and with the Everest skydive.



There are two ways that make this activity thrilling (read: there are two ways to die). One is getting gored by the bull, and the other is getting trampled by either the bull or the crowds.

So how does it work? More than a dozen bulls are let loose through the old city streets. Then you just do your best to avoid them.

If you are unlucky enough to come face to face with a bull, then you will have to run like there is no tomorrow. Or else, the newspapers would run photos like this of you the next morning.

Wear good underwear.  Just in case.

Wear good underwear. Just in case.


Be safe

You certainly would need a lot of balls to run with the bulls, but be sure that you go home with your balls still intact.

1. One way to do that is to just be alert. Do not take your eyes away from the bull.

Nope, not for one second.

Nope, not for one second.


2. Do not catch the bulls’ attention.

More than anything else, the bulls just want to get it over with. They do not want to gore anyone, they just want to get to their pens. If one of them gets distracted, however, it can turn its attention to you or to one of your fellow runners. If the bull does not notice you, the other runners might and you will be up for a beating.

3. If you trip, don’t try to stand up.

Let the bulls trample you, rather than risk getting gored. But do cover your head with your hands, and wait for somebody to tell you it is okay to get up.

Up yours!

Up yours!


4. Never run AFTER the bulls.

The idea is to run WITH the bulls. If the bulls have passed you, stop running. We have seen many people do this and they get the shit scared out of their pants when one or more of the bulls turn around and run after them.

5. Run.

There are people who merely stay at the sidelines and just stand there when others start to run. Wrong idea. Other people may trip or run against you, and you might find yourself right in the middle of a stampede

6. Go to the sides.

When you get to the ring, immediately go to the sides or the edge of the ring. This way, you would not be caught in the middle where the bulls can gore you and nobody would be able to help you.  And you do not crowd out the behind behind you.

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