Sex with a Robot – Technology may allow this sooner than you think

robot love


Robots have been around for many thousands of years, the first robotic use went as far back as the bible. Apparently Jesus was nailed to the cross by the first primitive robot which was built out of parts of a disused space ship, with a robotic hammer powered by organic donkey shite.

Robots have been used for all sorts of purposes and have been replacing humans for years in various roles and industries, from automative to strip club workers.

With the advance of technology and the fast moving internet, and the move of even removing humans from driving with new Google driverless cars. What is to stop people having robotic lovers in the next 10 to 15 years? Go back a few years and think about the common dildo or vibrator. There was a taboo behind sex shops, sex toys and all related objects. 

In years gone past you would see women with dark sunglasses, fake wigs and fellas with long trench coats skulking around sex shops, embarrassingly trying to purchase the first thing they could pull off the shelf which usually appeared to be 20 feet high to the sweaty palmed individual. That has all changed with the emergence of a new sexually liberated generation, the power of internet shopping and people who generally do not give a fuck.

The good folks in Japan have been working on this technology for no doubt the last million years or so and once perfected I have no doubts will be released with passion upon the rest of the world.

Recent surveys have shown that out of 1000 men, 103% have said they would try sex with a robot. It is generally referred to as technosexuality. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to this whole new world that could be opened up very soon. There are a lot of people who simply do not have the time, or simply cannot meet someone due to being burnt in the past or they simply could not be bothered.

Take 90% of people who live in Manhatttan for example who do not have time in general for a relationship. In this specific square few miles people who generally live in this area are powerhouse executives, very much focused on the first $5 million and their careers. For this particular breed of person, would it not make more sense to have a robotic sex device sitting net to the Dyson in the broom closet which can be activated upon command. People have been using vibrators/sex toys successfully for years so why not have a robotic sex companion to share those lonely evenings with? Ok, it disassociates people further from reality but when you think about with everyone’s lives are now turning towards mobile devices and a constantly connected lifestyle, a large percentage of people are heading in this general direction without even noticing it. The majority of people in fast paced cities do not actually have time for a physical or emotional relationship. 

These new breed of sex robots can possibly also be controlled remotely via an “APP” whereas you walk through your front door and your automated object of sexual desire is already in a certain mode. It would make sense the robot can have a number of different functions to help even the most discerning pervert. If you were in the mood for oral while guzzling a can of craft beer while watching football, then your robotic companion would quite happily tend to your sexual desires while you enjoy your favourite team winning. The possibilities are endless! And some people maybe be very appreciative of a sleep function/off button. Again there are pros and cons for this argument.

These robotic devices, upon entering the mass market, will more than likely be outside the budget of most normal human beings and only the wealthy able to afford these new super toys. If you are that wealthy surely most items can be bought with hard currency. Also… there is the danger of bugs/flaws/outsourcing issues.. which I am sure most people will fear. It is all well and good having a sexual encounter with a robot but what if the robot malfunctions during the throes of passion and dismembers someone or causes soem damage that cannot be rectified. Also liquid damage may be an issue. There are many things to consider before going down the robotic road.

On the flip side there are many advantages if the ‘love-bot’ comes to pass. It may legalise prostitution worldwide, enabling people to visit “metal staffed” bordellos. It could eliminate STD’s and any danger related to this industry and also people trafficking.


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