The 5 Most Vicious Animals in the World

Predators and preys.

This is the reality of the animal kingdom. But do you know which animals are the most vicious out there?

Read on!

The African elephant

The African Elephant is the biggest land animal and it uses its size to attack its enemies. It can be very aggressive and vicious, and can trample you to death with just one step. The African Elephant can go into rage and it also engages in vindictive behaviour. They have been known to attack entire villages, trampling anyone or anything that comes their way.



Saltwater crocodile

The saltwater crocodile has a taste for just about anything, from sharks to buffaloes to, yes, human meat. After all, it is the biggest living reptile in the world.



Sun bear

Bears in general have very disagreeable temperaments. But the Asian sun bear is the best example of a bear that you would not ever want to meet. Sun bears are the world’s smallest bears, but they have proportionally larger teeth compared to their body size. It attacks without being provoked.


Least weasel

Speaking of small predators, you also have the least weasel. At only 20 centimeters long, the least weasel is the smallest carnivore in the world. But it can kill preys that are five times its size. The strong bite of the weasel is very lethal. Not only that, but they latch on to their preys and suck the blood right out of their jugulars.



The black mamba

The black mamba is considered as the most vicious snake in the world. The thing is, you do not know where a black mamba would show up because it can live in any kind of habitat. The black mamba is the most venomous snake as well. Stay away from black mambas because these are not angry animals, but instead they are fearful of their surrounding, causing them to attack ferociously. But, remember, it can slither at more than 12 miles per hour so think twice before trying to outrun a black mamba.



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