Vegas On A Tight Budget

vegas on a budget

A trip to Las Vegas can be very expensive. It is perfectly easy to blow your life savings in just a matter of hours when you’re there. But do you know that it is very possible to experience Las Vegas even on a shoestring budget? Here are some tips on how you can do just that.


1. Stay at a hostel. You do not need to be at the Wynn Las Vegas or MGM Grand to say that you have been to Las Vegas. You can look for a room that is much more affordable off the strip. If you are really cash-strapped, then look for a hostel. It may mean that you would be sleeping on a bunk bed and share your bathroom with strangers, but it will help you save money… and a lot of it. Check out hotel deals off the strip as well. They are a fraction of the price of  the hotels on the strip and are generally good quality.


2. Get on the Deuce Doubledecker. You really do not have to take a cab to everywhere when you can get on the Deuce Doubledecker bus for only $15 for a 3-day pass.


3. Have a buffet. Be sure to check out the places that have great buffets. You can go there in time for brunch and eat a hearty meal for less than $20. Meet up with friends for lunch or find ways to kill time and get a second helping.


4. If you want to get drunk in Vegas, then be smart about it. Get on some really cheap Penny Slots at the larger casinos. This way, your drinks are free because you are gambling. You could drink all night for a few dollars on a slot machine. And who knows, you might just win. In general the bars in a lot of casinos are cheap as they want your gambling bucks, and it makes sense booze is cheap to get you messed up. If you drink in the more expensive hotels then your pocket will feel it. It is also fine in Vegas to walk from casino to casino or hotel to hotel with your drink in hand. Stock up on booze from a liquor store and this will save you a ton of bucks.


5. Check out the light show on Fremont Street. This is a wonderful treat that goes on every 30 minutes when it gets dark. What’s more, it puts you right smack in downtown Las Vegas, where you can find casinos that are cheaper and more affordable. For example, El Cortez here has some great blackjack games that go for as low as $5.


6. Check out what’s near the casinos. If you want to gamble on the Strip, then do so. But you can save money when you check out what’s outside these casinos as well. For example, Harrah’s has a food court nearby where you can eat at a McDonalds or at other affordable restaurants.


7. If you are planning to watch a show, buy your tickets online. Online sellers usually offer great discounts on show tickets.


8. Always sign up for players card that casinos offer. These cards sometimes come with free slots play and you could get great discounts on food, too.


So, you see, you do not have to spend your Vegas vacation just walking up and down the Strip looking like a loser. Sure, it is fun to look at the casinos on the Strip from afar and the architecture is great, but that does not mean that it is what you should be doing all the time.


Other ways to save


  • You can order wine by the bottle. If there are two or more people in your group who are drinking the same kind of wine, you should order by the bottle to save some dollars.


  • Ask for iced water or service water rather than ordering bottled water, which could easily cost half the price of your meal. It also helps to check the menu first before getting into a restaurant.


  • Driving your own car? Avoid the gasoline stations on the Strip if you can. Instead, go west or east to find cheaper fuel.


  • If you are looking for an alternative to the Deuce Doubledecker, try the Las Vegas Monorail. You can also walk or get on the casino shuttles.


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