Wife carrying championships in Finland

wife carryWife carrying is a sport that was initially introduced in Sonkajärvi, Finland which entails carrying your wife on your back. The purpose of this whole event is for the husband to carry his missus through the obstacle course in the fastest time possible. Sounds reasonable enough!


There are techniques involved and certain styles of “carrying” the piggyback or the fireman’s carry, which is over the shoulder or Estonian style, where the wife hangs upside down with her legs wrapped around her husbands neck, grabbing onto his waist. The winner of this great event gets to win his wife’s weight in booze.

The championships are held yearly in Sonkajärvi since 1992.


There are many tales surrounding how the sport was developed and one tale is related to a gentleman called  Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen, a man considered to be a robber who lived in the late 1800’s. He dwelled in a forest and ran about with his merry band of men, causing damage to villages. They would rob villages and steal food and also mens wives, carrying them on their back as they made their getaway. Another theory was he trained his men to become more powerful by carrying heavy sacks on their backs, and eventually it evolved into a sport.

Course & Rules:-

The original course was a rough terrain over fences and through streams but in modern day the course has been altered dramatically. There is now sand and a water area which the competitors have to wade through and it follows a strict set of rules.

  • Track is 253.5 meters long
  • The wife in question may be your own or can be your neighbors and must be over 17 years of age
  • The track has 2 dry obstacles and one wet obstacle
  • The wife must be a minimum weight of 49Kilograms, if she is under this weight she will have a rucksack with the extra weight to bring up to the competition weight
  • The race has to be competed in the shortest time
  • the only equipment allowed is a belt by the carrier and a helmet by the wife in question

Current Champion:-

  • Taisto Miettinen


Your wife’s weight in booze!


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